The Zdenko Demancic Method: Bringing Biotherapy to Another Level

What do you often do when you’re feeling under the weather? You’d probably pop a pill or visit your doctor so that he can prescribe you some medicine to fight off viruses and bacteria that have invaded your body. True enough, pills and medication can give immediate relief to any illness. But have you thought about all the chemicals in those medicines that you take inside your body?
Whereas they might not be too dangerous for the body and that they are proven effective, it still isn’t an assurance that they won’t complicate your body’s natural defenses. If there’s something that could help cure diseases and improve your health in a less toxic way, biotherapy is one thing you need to closely consider.
Biological therapy, or widely known as biotherapy, is any form of treatment which stimulates and restores the body’s natural defenses or immune system to fight and prevent infection and diseases using biological response modifiers or BRMs. BRMs are produced naturally by the body’s immune system, but its production tends to go low when the body is infected by a disease.
The great thing about biotherapy is that it is considered to be a more effective yet less invasive treatment. This means that a patient’s body need not take in more complex and toxic chemicals to fight diseases. Unlike other treatments, biotherapy can give less discomfort and complications to the patient.
One method that has seemingly proven that biotherapy works is the Zdenko Domancic Method. Named after its founder, this method was developed by the science of bio energy. Domancic believes that all humans have a bio-field (or aura) around our body. This field is a layer of electromagnetic energies which can help the body react naturally to any diseases by simply energizing the body.
In this method, bioenergy therapists support the healing process of the body. They see where the problem lies and work around it. For example, cancer. Wherever the cancer cells may be, practitioners of the Domancic method help the individual to focus all of his energy to the cancer cells in order to boost the immune system and help fight off cancer. The energy transmitted from the cosmic energy of the Earth radiated inside the body is directed to the affected part and would try to heal it.
The Zdenko Domancic Method of biotherapy might sound a bit crazy for some but this study has proven to work. In fact, Domancic have treated 200 persons suffering from gangrene in Yugoslavia. Recipients of the said method were healed and never had to go through painful surgeries or medications.
This revolutionized biotherapy process can give patients more options when it comes to finding a cure for minor and serious illnesses. The therapy might cost more or less than the usual price you pay for a treatment. However, the bright side will always be this: it works.
Other people are cynical about the Zdenko Domancic method simply because they do not understand how it works and do not believe that it does heal. But through the proper avenue for education regarding this process, it is hard not to believe in it. After all, this method has been well-documented with books and documentaries about it.
It’s high time that you do believe in it. Giving it a try will do you more good and no harm at all.
Biotherapy in NJ by Gustav

Biotherapy in NJ by Gustav

Explores an innovative solution for healthcare by introducing and examining the effects, results and the future of bioenergy healing. 
Although bioenergy still cannot be defined, this film demystifies the “miracle” of energy healing, showing that curing a serious illness, can be an innate ability which lies dormant in each one of us.
was created over 35 years ago. It is simple and effective. There is a lot of research about this method and it is practiced all over the world. There have been cases in which it heals adults and children when other methods fail.
The ultimate goals of this method are to lessen or entirely eliminate health problems and enrich one’s personality. The Domancic bioenergy method is based on the assumption that our bodies are systems full of energy constantly interacting with the environment. Abnormalities of this interaction process could lead to health problems. During a biotherapy session, the abnormality is found and cured. This approach of healing health problems is painless and very effective.
Biotherapy in the Domancic Method is not only safe, painless, non-invasive, but also patient friendly and pharmaceutical free.
The healing technique works by balancing life-force energy. All humans have life-force energy in and around their bodies. This phenomenon is known as an aura. The therapist removes blocked energy, while adding new energy to the body by the use of gentle hand movements.
Therapists act as facilitators for the healing, working within the biofield, through hands on techniques. These therapy sessions enable the body to heal itself. Patients must have a diagnosis from a doctor or physician before any session can be started. Biotherapy is a supplement for traditional medical treatment, and it will not interfere with nor discourage any type of medical treatment the patient is receiving.
There is no set fee for my healing service. The patient is the one who decides how much he/she decides to offer as a donation to me, based on his/her satisfaction and financial ability on the last day of therapy. The Domancic method can be performed on an individual or group basis. In both cases, the therapy sessions last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes and must be done for 4 consecutive days. For those who are interested and cannot come and see me in New Jersey, a distance therapy can be performed.
Biotherapy in NJ by Gustav

Biotherapy in NJ by Gustav

People pray gods for health. It does not even occur to them that the preservation of their health is in their own hands…   – democritus

Democritus (c. 460 – c. 370 BCE) was a Greek philosopher and younger contemporary of Socrates, born in Abdera (though other sources cite Miletus) who, with his teacher Leucippus, was the first to propose an atomic universe. Very little is known of Leucippus and none of his work has survived but he is known by ancient writers as Democritus’ teacher, and apparently wrote on many subjects besides atomism.


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Bled – Imago Paradisi Slovenia

Published on Nov 13, 2013

Official tourism promotional video of Lake Bled Slovenia –

With immense natural beauty, Bled, together with its surroundings, ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal lake water. The beauty of the mountains reflected on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air arouse pleasant feelings in visitors throughout the year, guaranteeing an ideal base or a relaxing break or an active holiday.

Bled z okolico in naravnimi lepotami je eno najlepših alpskih letovišč, značilno po blagem, zdravilnem podnebju in termalni jezerski vodi. Lepota gora odseva v jezerski gladini, sonce, mir in sveč zrak vzbujajo izredno prijetne občutke obiskovalcev v vsakem letnem času in zagotavljajo idealne razmere za prijeten oddih ali dejavne počitnice.

Bled mit Umgebung ist einer der schönsten Alpenferienorte, bekannt durch ein mildes Klima und heilendes Thermalseewasser. Die Schönheit der sich im Seewasser widerspiegelnden Bergen, Sonne, Stille und frische Luft stellen zu jeder Jahreszeit ideale Voraussetzungen für eine angehme Erholung oder aktive Ferien.

Bled, környékével és természeti szépségeivel az egyik legszebb alpesi nyaraló, jellemző rá az enyhe, gyógyhatású éghajlat és a tó termálvize. A hegyek szépsége visszatükröződik a tó felszínén, a nap, a nyugalom és a friss levegő kellemes érzéseket kelt a látogatókban egész éven át, és ideális viszonyokat biztosít a kellemes pihenésre vagy az aktív szünidő eltöltésére.

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